The story of Kitsuma Bar

Our roots are in western North Carolina.

It's no accident

The Kitsuma Bar wasn't created without reason. We produce organically-sourced, GMO-free, and simple ingredient nutrition bars to allow people to eat healthy in the outdoors, and in their lives.

Produced by students, Kitsuma Bar provides real opportunity to the next generation of leaders. Our company values encompass respectable morals in which we wish to share with the community. Communication, engagment, and relationships are some of the most important aspects of the lives we live.

Each Kitsuma Bar is truly handcrafted with care, from the locally-sourced ingredients to the creative labels placed on our products. Our bars have been tested against the elements and for endurance sports in Pisgah National Forest. We're proud to offer you the healthiest bar on the market, made right here in North Carolina.

Kitsuma Promise

Learn about what Kitsuma Bar does to give back. It starts in our local community, and you can help!