Kitsuma Bar: Our Bars

Nutritious, healthy, and Asheville-based energy bars.

asheville energy bars

Eat well, live well.

Really, it took us a while to figure that one out. In the meantime, our food engineers were busy crafting nutritious energy bars made here in Asheville NC. That's right, Asheville energy bars. Feel free to browse the selection of various Kitsuma Bars.

Each recipie has been tested rigorously, from backpack stability to the taste after a long Pisgah mountain bike ride. Try our bars. We can almost guarantee you'll come back for more.

From the refreshing Mint Thin to the craving Cookie Dough, Kitsuma Bar will provide the nutrition and taste to keep you going on your next adventure. Let's check one out!

Kitsuma Bar Mint Thin

Tastes just like your nostalgic favorite treat, but this time carb packed and ready to be tested out in the woods. Great for those who like the classic cookie!

Kitsuma Bar Cookie Dough

Yeah that's right. We just did it. Kitsuma Bar Cookie Dough is made from honey, chia seeds, and delicious chocolate chips. Tastes great or I'll personally bake you a cookie.

Maple Coffee

This Kitsuma Bar will either wake you up in the morning or make you pass that person in front of you. Either way, it works. Pick up a delicious Maple Walnut Coffee bar today!