Crafted in western North Carolina for your next adventure.
Kitsuma Bar is made with nothing but the essentials.

The Kitsuma Bar is developed by active nutritionists, easy to digest when moving,
and sourced with simple ingredients from local farmers. It's vegan, lactose-free, and includes organic ingredients.
Let's face it: High Frutose Corn Syrup and artifical dyes don't belong in your stomach.

We're starting a revolution in the community. Hundreds of bikers, dog walkers, runners and more are already joining.

Started by youthful student entrepreneurs, Kitsuma Bar represents the belief that being outside is good for the soul. All we're here to do is help you enjoy it and stay nourished. It's not about where you take your Kitsuma Bar, it's about where your Kitsuma Bar takes you!


Kitsuma Bar is developed by actual athletes from time spent in the Pisgah National Forest. Your bar is packed with energy-giving carbs and is easy to digest.


Your food doesn't need to travel the 7 seas. Each Kitsuma Bar is handcrafted with minimal (-7) ingredients in Asheville, NC. Plus, you support local farmers.

Actually Healthy

We know corn syrup isn't healthy. Let your bar reflect your values. Plus, Kitsuma Bar is vegan, as well as lactose and gluten free. Ride on, friends!

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Kitsuma Bar Mint Thin

Kitsuma Bar Mint Thin

Based on your nostalgic favorite flavor, the Mint Thin bar is made up of dates, hemp seeds, and cacao. We love a good bar, and the Mint Thin is no exception.

Kitsuma Bar Cookie Dough

Kitsuma Bar Cookie Dough

Do you also love sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of cookie dough? Well, we found out how to put that delicious flavor in a bar. Tastes the same, and is our fan favorite (with reason)

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The Story

Find out more on how Kitsuma Bar came to be! Before being one of the flagship active nutrition startups in the state, Kitsuma Bar had small roots.

North Carolina startup

Kitsuma Promise

Learn how Kitsuma Bar gives back to the community, and what we're doing next. It's more than just a bar, we're starting a state-wide youth health initiative.

Let's make an action.

Try out your first Kitsuma Bar today!